What to Expect at your visits

  • Step 1: The Initial Visit

At your initial appointment you will be assessed by our staff at AYSEV to determine if Medical or Low THC Marijuana is appropriate in the care of your disease process(es).

At the visit we will go over the risks, benefits and possible alternative(s), if applicable.

  • Step 2: The Registration

If and when* deemed appropriate, your ordering physician enters your information, including your email address into the Florida’s Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use [OMMU] Registry. Both patients and if appropriate, legal representatives, need to be entered into the registry by a qualified physician. Once your information is in registry, their system will send you two emails, one with your username and the other with a temporary password, allowing you to begin your application.

  • Step 3: The Application
    • Log into the State’s OMMU Portal: https://mmuregistry.flhealth.gov/ using the above email address and password
    • *change your temporary password to a permanent one, if applicable*
    • Click onto “Your Profile” – make sure everything is correct
    • Click onto “Your Card
    • 1) Upload a picture of your face with a white background, without Glasses/hat
    • 2) Upload a copy of your driver’s licence (or other proof of residency)
    • 3) eSign the application
    • Mail the a $75 Application Fee – WITH YOUR PATIENT ID NUMBER ON IT

    Made out to the “Florida Department of health” to the address given

    Legal representatives must also submit a separate completed application to the Office of Compassionate Use to obtain a Compassionate Use Registry identification card.

    Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification cards remain active for one year.

  • We have created a walk-through, it can be found here.


  • Step 4: The State’s OMMU Approval.

Once a card application has been approved, the patient and legal representative will receive an email  from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. All patients must have an approved card application prior to filling an order at a dispensing organization.

– After receiving this email, the card should arrive in about 5-7 days

  • Step 5: Coordination of Dispensation back at AYSEV (2nd visit)

Your second visit will involve establishing your personalized treatment plan. The staff at AYSEV will coordinate your treatment plan with one of the  local Dispensing Facilities based upon the recommendations of the physician.

  • Step 6: Follow Up

Your progress will need to be monitored every 3-4 months. Re-verification with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use will need to be done annually.